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Anitian & Microsoft Azure Solution Brief

Discover how you can quickly and confidently protect and certify cloud workloads with the Anitian Compliance Automation Platform for Microsoft Azure.

GovLoop Research Report: Simplifying FedRAMP Compliance

Get instant access to the latest GovLoop Research Report to learn how federal agencies are accelerating and simplifying their FedRAMP compliance and how industry partners can help.

Compliance Automation Platform Solution Brief

Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform offers the fastest path to security and compliance for cloud applications, enabling enterprises to dramatically accelerate cloud deployments and time-to-market. 

SecureCloud eBook

Making your cloud applications secure and market-ready doesn’t have to be a costly headache. In fact, it can be fast, affordable, and worry-free. Learn how by downloading your copy of the SecureCloud eBook today.

Anitian & AWS FedRAMP Solution Brief

Learn how Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform can help you achieve FedRAMP and maintain your FedRAMP ATO faster and easier than you ever thought possible on the AWS cloud.

SecureCloud Solution Brief

When your company leverages the Anitian SecureCloud, you save time, money, and can dramatically accelerate your time-to-market. Explore all of the benefits of dropping your SaaS and business-critical applications into our pre-engineered cloud security environment. 

Gartner Market Guide for Compliance Automation Tools in DevOps

Download your complimentary copy of the Gartner Market Guide today to learn about the leading compliance automation tools in DevOps.

Anitian Use Case Series: Business Growth Solution Brief

Discover how your organization can enter new markets, capture new business, and generate new revenue 80% faster with the Anitian Compliance Automation Platform – the fastest path to security and compliance for cloud applications.

Anitian Use Case Series: PCI Solution Brief

Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform for PCI dramatically accelerates your PCI certification process. In about two hours, Anitian can have your entire PCI compliance environment up and ready to go. 

Anitian Use Case Series: FedRAMP Solution Brief

Discover how you can eliminate costly, 18-month consulting engagements with Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform for FedRAMP.

2019 State of DevOps Report

Over the past seven years, we’ve surveyed more than 30,000 technical professionals from around the world, making the State of DevOps Survey the largest, most comprehensive and longest-running study on DevOps.

Anitian Compliance Automation Overview

The Anitian Compliance Automation Platform is accelerated, automated, autonomous, and accommodating. Get an overview look at compliance automation in action by requesting access to this document. 

Anitian Overview Brochure

At Anitian, we believe security is a force for good. We fulfill our mission to make security and compliance easy by providing a complete suite of security solutions and services to hundreds of clients.

Compliance Automation Diagrams

Request access to this document today to gain an inside look at Anitian’s Compliance Automation processes and workflows.

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