FedRAMP Comprehensive Product Brief

The Anitian platform is designed from the ground up to help cutting-edge SaaS companies Accelerate, Navigate, and Automate their FedRAMP efforts.

Accelerate: Anitian technologies and expertise cuts multi-year FedRAMP journeys in half, cutting half the cost off traditional, consultant-heavy approaches
Navigate: The FedRAMP process is rewarding… but also complex, convoluted and impossibly confusing. Our FedRAMP experts know the most proven path and most painful pitfalls.
Automate: FedRAMP imposes a heavy burden on security and compliance teams. The Anitian platform makes these tasks manageable, repeatable and scalable.

The best of both worlds: Anitian’s platform delivers compliant-by-design cloud technologies and is continually informed by our experiences in guiding the most innovative SaaS products into the FedRAMP marketplace.

Read the product brief to learn how Anitian blends technology and expertise to help you reach the FedRAMP market fast.

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