FedRAMP Comprehensive:
Audit & Authorization

Avoid pitfalls, provide quick responses, and move fast and efficiently through the Federal compliance maze.

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All my controls are in place. Now how do I become FedRAMP authorized?

There are two steps to the FedRAMP authorization phase: assessment and approval.  First, your Third-party Assessment Organization (3PAO) conducts a full, independent audit of your systems, your System Security Plan (SSP) and other factors.  They generate a Security Assessment Report (SAR) with the results.  ​

Then your sponsoring agency and FedRAMP PMO, or the Joint Authorization Board (JAB), if you’ve taken that route, review the results.  They will request additional information and remediation where needed, make a final review, and then decide on whether to issue the coveted Authority to Operate (ATO) status.​

Anitian is with you all the way, supporting you through this process and helping you understand and quickly respond to audit requests and issues.

The Anitian Advantage

Audit and Authorization


Rapid Response

Anitian assists you to quickly answer (and interpret) auditor requests, provide automated evidence collection, and update


Deep Expertise

Anitian engineers have been there before and have the broad experience to help you with the best response to audit questions​.


Credible and Respected

Anitian’s engineers are known and respected by Federal agencies and PMOs and willing to work together to resolve ambiguities.


Continuous Monitoring

Keep your environment compliant throughout the authorization phase and build the required 3+ months of security reporting and operations​.


Expert Guidance + Advanced Technology throughout the FedRAMP Phases

FedRAMP rapid response results

your fedramp audit advisor

Rapid Response to Audit Requests

Successfully navigating the authorization phase requires the ability to understand, evaluate and quickly respond to various audit questions and evidence requests.​

Anitian stands with you all the way.  Having worked with you to prepare for the audit, they know your system inside and out.  Having participated in countless audits with other companies, they know the FedRAMP authorization process and what’s expected.  The Anitian engineers then use this combined knowledge, along with the deployed automation tools, to quickly respond to and resolve audit issues.  They have the credibility and knowledge to work with the 3PAO and federal auditors to understand unique problems and produce positive solutions to ambiguous situations. ​

The result is a faster, smoother path and ultimate success in achieving your FedRAMP authorization.​

FedRAMP audit critical and high warnings

“Baked In” Compliance

Continuous FedRAMP Authorization Monitoring

​All your systems and controls are in place, and you’ve fully prepared for the audit.  But the authorization phase can span many months.  You need to keep your system in compliance during this period.  In fact, the FedRAMP PMO requires up to three months of detailed records to prove your ability to maintain your SaaS application in a compliant state.​

To address these requirements, Anitian begins continuous monitoring operations at this point, keeping your environment compliant throughout the assessment period while also building the required records of compliance reporting and security operations.​


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