The Fastest Path to FEDRAMP Compliance

Achieve FedRAMP approval in half the time and at half the cost with Anitian’s proven combination of security automation and in-person guidance.

Unlock the Government cloud software market.

Unlock the Federal Cloud Market

FedRAMP is your gateway to the largest IT market in the world: the $83 billion U.S. Federal budget for software and services.  Federal agencies and the DOD are mandated to use modern cloud technology but must do so in a highly secure manner.  FedRAMP is the government-wide program that defines this extremely rigorous approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.  ​

Achieving FedRAMP ATO (Authority to Operate) can be a long and arduous process, but Anitian has developed a stream-lined path to get you audit ready in the fastest possible time.

The Anitian Advantage

Pre-Engineered Security Stack, Automated Tools, and Personalized Consulting

Half The Time

Accelerate your FedRAMP preparation and approval times with an integrated, pre-built security platform and automated compliance tools.

Half The Cost

Eliminate the expense of massive, consultant-heavy, custom engagements.


Reduce Risk

Understand upfront what it will take for your organization and applications to achieve FedRAMP authorization.


Expert Guidance

Depend on Anitian’s years of FedRAMP experience to help you navigate every step of your FedRAMP journey.

Anitian Is Your FedRAMP Expert

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Why Anitian?

Proven FedRAMP Success + Established Credibility + Innovative Technology

Typical time to deploy Cloud Compliance versus Anitian.


The consulting approach

More costs, risks, resources, and delays.

Audit-Ready in Years

Just to design, deploy, and configure your environment for FedRAMP.

Lots of Staff Required

Typically requires many full-time employees or consultants.

High Costs

Why spend millions of dollars for delayed time-to-revenue?

The Anitian approach

Get FedRAMP audit-ready in half the time
and for half the cost.

Audit-Ready In Months

Anitian’s unique Compliance Automation Platform adds pre-build modules, document automation and standardized processes to streamline the FedRAMP process in half the time and at half the cost.

Expert Staff

Anitian engineers have deep, long-standing expertise in FedRAMP, having been involved with 46 company ATO’s, (15% of all current FedRAMP authorized companies).  They are known and respected by the Federal auditors and PMOs.​

Proven Success

Trusted by leading companies in cybersecurity, hospitality, healthcare, project management, and enterprise resource management to achieve and maintain FedRAMP authorization.

Anitian Compliance Automation Platform

Reduce Time, Costs, and Complexity

At the heart of Anitian’s unique FedRAMP methodology is the Compliance Automation Platform.  This includes a pre-engineered security stack consisting of over 20 integrated modules that serve as a “security wrapper” around your application code.  These controls are purpose-built and compliant-by-design for operation in AWS and Azure gov cloud platforms.  The system further includes automation aids for document generation and reporting, plus interactive dashboards to track your progress.​

Your Trusted Advisor

Expert Guidance Every Step Of The Way

​Integral to the Anitian Compliance Automation Platform are an experienced group of compliance experts who will guide and support you through the entire FedRAMP process.  This starts with a Technical Readiness Assessment, which provides you with a clear understanding of what parts of your application and infrastructure will be most affected, key gaps, and a realistic timeline for achieving audit readiness.  Anitian than guides you through the process – not just in completing requirements, but using their experience to work with the auditors and PMOs to respond to requests and resolve discrepancies.

ConMon Delivered

Continuous Monitoring To Maintain Your ATO Status

After achieving your coveted Authority to Operate, FedRAMP requires continuous monitoring, monthly reporting and yearly assessments. Anitian’s combination of technology and expertise again provides you huge time and cost savings to efficiently maintain your ATO status.​

Anitian truly is the fastest and most cost-effective path for achieving, and maintaining, your FedRAMP authorization!

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“We’re very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the compliance automation deployment and Anitian’s expertise to help us deploy our FedRAMP environment in AWS GovCloud (US).”

Ignacio Martinez

VP of Security, Risk & Compliance,

“I brought Anitian in because they had a pre-configured security stack, that saved my team time, so I didn’t have to worry about making the compliance stack work or get past our audit. We just had to wire it up into our existing application VPCs and that made it very easy to do.”

Chris Bates

CISO, SentinelOne

“Our DevOps team wanted everything on AWS to be 100 percent automated. Anitian helped with that goal.”

Marnie Wilking

CISO, Orion Health


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