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Fastest time-to-market

Eliminate 12-18 month consulting engagements so that you can get your app to market faster while eliminating the cost of delay.

Half the cost

Leverage the industry’s only pre-built, cloud-delivered security and compliance platform to reduce costs by up to 50%.
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Audit-ready fast

Anitian gets your cloud-based application secure and audit-ready faster.
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Pre-built platform

A complete stack of integrated cloud security technologies, automated compliance tools, DevOps integration, and reports.
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Short path to revenue

Get your cloud apps to market in weeks – not months or years – and generate revenue faster to increase competitive advantage.
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Secure by default

Anitian’s pre-engineered platform wraps a complete set of security technologies around your cloud application in hours.
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Rapid compliance

Make your cloud-based applications compliant with FedRAMP, PCI, ISO/GDPR, CJIS, CMMC, and HIPAA in a few weeks.
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Stay ahead

Stay secure and compliant after your initial certification, through Anitian’s 24×7 SecOps and security monitoring.

Typical time to deploy Cloud Compliance versus Anitian

Why delay your release for 12-18 months, and tie up a team of 10 people, at a cost of $2+ million?
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The consulting approach
More costs, risks, resources, and delays.
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Audit-Ready in 18-24 Months

Just to design, deploy, and configure your environment for FedRAMP.

Lots of Staff Required

Typically requires many full-time employees or consultants.

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High Costs

Why spend millions of dollars for delayed time-to-revenue?

Get FedRAMP audit-ready up to 80% faster at 50% of the cost.
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Audit-Ready in Days

Anitian’s pre-built cloud environment gets you FedRAMP audit-ready in days.

Minimal Staff Needed

With Anitian, you only need up to 2/3 fewer full-time employees for your FedRAMP project.

Cost Savings

Anitian’s Compliance Automation saves you time, resources, and up to 50% of the cost.

With Anitian, your time to deploy is reduced by up to 80%, slashing costs by 50%

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