Security is a Force for Good

We provide actionable security intelligence services and solutions that keep our customers ahead of the threat. 


With 24 years in the security game, we’ve built a gigantic playbook of techniques to defend your data.

Cloud Native

The cloud is not only flexible and scalable, but more secure as well. Let us show you how the cloud accelerates security.


Our practice is grounded in decades of experience and promotes innovation, growth, and prosperity.


Anitian believes in the time-honored principles of the scientific method to produce actionable, trustworthy results.

Vision Portal

The Vision portal keeps you ahead of the threat with expertly curated security tasks.

Our analysts locate and help you understand the top action items that can truly enhance your security.

With Vision, you know what issues matter, so you know how to act.

New from Anitian: The World’s First Compliance Automation and MDR Platform

Better Security in the Cloud

Sherlock MDR is Anitian’s premiere SOC-as-a-service. No matter where your network lives, Sherlock brings you a Security Operations Center through a subscription that includes all the people, tech, controls, and licenses you need.

Sherlock can be sized for any business, deployed in just days, and scaled to any size, any time.

Compliant Cloud Architectures in Days

Sherlock CA is the world’s first Compliance Automation platform for PCI and FedRAMP. We build these architectures in the cloud with automation, saving weeks or months of expensive technical labor.

Sherlock is leading the way to a more automated cloud, one that is secure and compliant by default and by design.

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“Anitian helped us through the whole process for PCI compliance, including strategy, technical execution, and making sure we were happy with the results.”



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