Let There Be Dragons: The Role of GenAI in the FedRAMP Process

Navigating change and its effects on our work and customers poses a perpetual challenge. But it’s even more challenging when multiple changes are happening all at once. Can they cancel each other out, or do they rapidly emphasize each other’s results?

In this webinar, experts from Anitian and Schellman take apart two key FedRAMP changes —the modernization and scaling of the FedRAMP program; and the future of federal use of artificial intelligence—and examine how they might work together (or not).  

Register for this on-demand webinar and hear experts discuss topics such as:
How the FedRAMP program is preparing for massive growth
How new artificial intelligence capabilities—particularly GenAI—are being adopted by the Federal Government 
How GenAI can help FedRAMP achieve it’s goals
How SaaS developers, security engineers, compliance teams, and business lines are beginning to pull these streams together