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Case Studies

Case Study: Expense Management Company Turns to Anitian to Stay Compliant While Moving to AWS

Anitian helps an expense management company stay compliant while completing the digital transformation. The company selected Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform to provide scalable, automated security that met the rigorous requirements of FedRAMP Moderate.

Case Study: Smartsheet Goes FedRAMP at Ludicrous Speed with Help from Anitian

Anitian deployed a Compliance Automation solution that massively accelerated Smartsheet’s compliance timeline all while cutting costs, simplifying future updates, and gaining them their Authority to Operate (ATO).

Case Study: Anitian Helps Orion Health Unify Operation in the Cloud

Orion Health embarked on a journey to build a security operations center (SOC) on AWS. “Our DevOps team wanted everything on AWS to be 100 percent automated,” said Marnie Wilking, CISO at Orion Health.

Case Study: World Web Technologies Uses Anitian to Gain Rapid PCI Compliance on AWS

World Web Technologies (WWT) approached Anitian with a challenge. They wanted to move a payment application into the cloud but needed a scalable PCI-compliant environment.

Case Study: Humanitarian Aid

This client had experienced numerous data breaches as well as extended downtime due to hacking. When ransomware began propagating through the network from a foreign source, they knew they had to do something. 

Case Study: State-Sponsored Espionage

In 2016, a global manufacturing company engaged Anitian for a RiskNow Rapid Risk Assessment. This company had recently implemented a complex new business system and was concerned about its security.

Case Study: Thwarted Breach - Managed Detection and Response

A regional bank engaged Anitian to provide managed security operations and threat hunting. This bank was growing, rapidly. Leadership was deeply concerned about a breach, and how it could jeopardize their business plans.

Case Study: Pragmatic PCI Compliance

A large, regional retail company engaged Anitian to perform PCI assessment services. This was a 60 year old business that had served its customers with a diverse set of retail stores.

Case Study: Insider Threat

A large, global retail company engaged Anitian to help with an extremely sensitive security issue. Anitian had to perform a legally sound investigation discreetly and without disrupting business operations and attracting attention.

Case Study: Car Hacking

One of the world’s foremost provider of web services to the automotive industry approached Anitian with a unique challenge. The client develops and hosts a complex web service used to disseminate content and services directly to infotainment systems in cars. 

Case Study: Secure the Vote

King County, the largest county in the state of Washington, was implementing a new elections system. A contentious election the previous year had many manual recounts resulting in an extremely close election for governor. King County has chosen to implement a new electronic counting and tabulation system. However, there was widespread concern among voters regarding the security of this new system.

Case Study: Cloud SOC with DevOps

A large software firm approached Anitian with a big problem. They needed security monitoring and management in their AWS cloud. Moreover, since they provided software primarily to the healthcare market, they required a solution that did not co-mingle data with any other organization.

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