FedRAMP Comprehensive by Anitian

Achieve FedRAMP authorization in half the time and at half the cost versus traditional methodologies.

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The Anitian Advantage

Anitian’s FedRAMP Comprehensive solution combines best-of-breed web security technologies, compliant-by-design integrations, and guidance from FedRAMP experts to help SaaS providers Navigate, Accelerate, and Automate their FedRAMP program.


Rely on Anitian’s proven expertise to guide you through every step of the FedRAMP process.



Obtain FedRAMP authorization in half the time and at half the cost using Anitian’s unique combination of automation and in-person assistance.



Use Anitian’s pre-built security stack and automation tools to eliminate much of the manual, complex work typically required for FedRAMP authorization.



Depend on Anitian’s compliance team to keep both your internal and external stakeholders fully appraised of project status, required actions and critical path dependencies.

The Anitian Approach

Expert Guidance + Advanced Technology Throughout The Entire FedRAMP Compliance Software Process

Anitian FedRAMP Process.

Step 0: Selection

Before ever starting to customize code or document compliance processes, you’ll want to develop a business case which includes estimated timelines and costs, as well as deciding your sponsorship route and selecting your FedRAMP advisory and auditing partners.​

Anitian accelerates the process by offering a unique FedRAMP Readiness Assessment that gives you an early evaluation of the project scope, timelines, level of effort, potential gaps and areas of concern so can plan the project and properly set expectations.  ​

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Step 1: Preparation

This stage is where the bulk of the customization and documentation occurs, aligning your SaaS product or service with FedRAMP’s exacting compliance standards.  Your entire application and support environment must be rebuilt within an approved GovCloud system, with all components and processes verified for FedRAMP compliance.​

Anitian accelerates the process by first providing a pre-engineered, compliant-by-design security stack that you graft onto your application environment.  This reduces risk upfront while saving hundreds of hours of work. Anitian also provides templates and document automation tools to significantly reduce the time and complexity of generating the 1000+ pages of reports and documentation required.  And Anitian’s consultants guide you all the way, eliminating the need for your own FedRAMP experts on-staff.  ​

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Step 2: Authorization

Now that you’re ready, you move into the audit phase of the approval process. Anitian works closely with your Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) to help you demonstrate compliance with the FedRAMP requirements. ​

Anitian accelerates the process by helping you automate evidence collection, create suitable documentation, answer (or interpret) auditor requests, and resolve issues.  This is where Anitian’s expertise and credibility really come into play.  Anitian also begins continuous monitoring operations, keeping your environment compliant throughout the evaluation period and building the required 3+ months of compliance reporting and security operations. ​

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Step 3: Continuous Monitoring

Congratulations – you’ve now received your FedRAMP Authority to Operate!  But to maintain that status, FedRAMP requires continuous monitoring, monthly reporting and yearly assessments. ​

Anitian accelerates the process by providing its continuous monitoring service, reducing the need for in-house staffing and operations support.  Using a combination of automation and compliance expertise, Anitian monitors your FedRAMP environment for configuration and vulnerability issues, creates documents including the monthly Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) report, and manages timely updates to the Anitian security modules.​

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Anitian Is Your FedRAMP Expert

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