5 FedRAMP Showstoppers White Paper

FedRAMP is a journey. At the end of the journey? Access to the world’s largest software market: the $83 billion earmarked each year for SaaS products and services that can safely satisfy the needs of US government agencies and teams.

But like most rewarding journeys, the FedRAMP path can be treacherous (and expensive) for the unprepared. This white paper collects the experience and wisdom of Anitian’s services teams, highlighting the showstoppers that can derail the process and giving sound advice on how to avoid them.   

Readers of this white paper will learn:
The biggest threats to a smooth FedRAMP authorization process
The technical, organizational and procedural pitfalls that have stopped ATO seekers in the tracks
How to think ahead and plan around obstacles that are currently invisible
Insight on showstoppers from an Anitian customer who’s well on their way to becoming an authorized cloud services provider

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