FedRAMP Demystified

There are now two kinds of cloud providers — those with a FedRAMP authorization and those without.”  
– from FedRAMP Demystified  

FedRAMP can be complicated, confusing, and mysterious. But FedRAMP is also the gateway to $9 billion in annual federal spending for cloud-based solutions: understanding how it works and what it requires of your SaaS applications or services is the best “first step” you can take.  

FedRAMP Demystified, a newly updated research note from Gartner® analyst Katell Thielemann, breaks down the “What, Why and How” of the FedRAMP process for beginners. This research note:  
– Outlines the roles of the departments and organizations involved in FedRAMP authorization 
– Explains security levels and baselines 
– Highlights the different paths to the coveted Authority to Operate (ATO) status that unlocks federal budgets 
– Shares a list of “FedRAMP Pros and Cons” to help SaaS product managers and CTOs build their business cases 

This easily digestible report also shares a dozen key questions technology teams should ask to determine how well their SaaS or cloud offering will fit with FedRAMP’s processes and requirements.  


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