Devo Achieves ATO, and Federal CISOs Gain Another Key Resource

Of all the SaaS tools used by federal IT teams, cutting-edge cybersecurity tools may be the ones in highest demand. In July 2023 a number of US agencies – including the Department of Energy and the US Office of Personnel Management – were victims of a debilitating attack by the Russian ransomware gang Clop. We might hear “ransomware” and assume this is all about extracting “money,” but with federal targets it’s just as often about gaining “leverage”. As an article in Forbes pointed out, it’s just as likely to be infrastructure plans, strategic assets, and sensitive (often salable) data that the bad guys are after.

Of course, agencies and departments must use FedRAMP-authorized tools to fight these daily battles. And starting now, these teams have additional firepower to work with: Devo’s Security Data Platform – a market-leading security information and event management (SIEM) solution – has achieved Authorization to Operate (ATO) at the Moderate level. (Read the press release here.)

Anitian teams have worked side-by-side with Devo’s application and cloud teams to reach this critical milestone. We’re thrilled to have been a part of both the authorization process as well as Devo’s ongoing continuous monitoring (ConMon) efforts. Devo’s adoption of Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform helped them not only meet rigorous FedRAMP requirements, but also provided a FedRAMP-savvy partner who could assist them in maintaining the overall security posture and readiness of their cloud offering.

According to Forbes, cyberattacks on federal targets jumped 95% in 2022. There’s no reason we shouldn’t expect the same spike in 2024. With Anitian’s help, cybersecurity tools like Devo’s can be authorized and available in the FedRAMP Marketplace in less time and less cost than ever before… and then they can jump into the fight.