FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) Process

Anitian and Schellman come together to streamline and simplify your FedRAMP ATO Process


Unique FedRAMP Partnership

FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) Process – Anitian and Schellman

Anitian and Schellman have partnered to bring their market leading offerings together to provide an integrated, end-to-end solution to streamline your FedRAMP journey, at a reduced price. This partnership helps to ensure clear and quick communication between all parties providing a seamless transition from your buildout to initial assessment. The all-in-one solution will help you to eliminate the gaps and communication breakdowns that can ultimately delay your FedRAMP process and time to market.


All-in-One Package

FedRAMP Accelerated Platinum Solution for ATO

Integrated Solution

Achieve the fastest time to ATO with a solution that combines the leading FedRAMP advisory and assessment organizations

Anitian Advisory Assistance

Anitian provides its blend of advanced technology and in-person guidance to prepare you to meet exact FedRAMP requirements

Schellman 3PAO Assessments

Schellman provides the third-party assessments and auditing to bring you to a FedRAMP Ready state

End-to-End Solution

Leads you from initial evaluation through planning, development, assessment, submission and audit to final approval and ATO

Anitian Provides:

The Compliance Automation Platform, a unified way to manage and maintain your SaaS product or service reflecting FedRAMP rules, requirements, and processes

FedRAMP Prep, a dedicated solution that tests your SaaS product or service against the 144 most-impactful tests that demonstrate readiness to meet FedRAMP requirements

The Compliance Insights dashboard which provides a running view of current FedRAMP compliance status; highlights areas that require work, and suggests the most effective tasks to prioritize to meet your goals

The integrated FedRAMP Assistant, a built-in, AI-driven help guide that answers critical questions about the FedRAMP process, requirements definitions, and control interpretations

Schellman Provides:

Detailed cybersecurity and compliance assessments of your solution to meet specific FedRAMP requirements

Assistance in navigating the intricacies of the long, multi-threaded FedRAMP process, with the accumulated experiences of one of the most recognized providers in the FedRAMP market

Schellman control assessors and penetration testers provide quantitative data review, assessment guidance and FedRAMP insights

Issuance of formal Readiness Assessment Report (RAR), per “FedRAMP Ready” program guidelines

Develop and submit—in conjunction with Anitian experts—all core security program documentation including the Security Assessment Plan (SAP) and supporting documentation

Anitian Is Your FedRAMP Expert

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