Security on Cloud

Where the cloud meets security — a podcast dedicated to helping businesses migrate their applications to the cloud securely and with the least amount of pain. Welcome to the Anitian Security on Cloud Podcast.

Your Host

Scott Emo

Product Marketing Director

Scott has 20+ years of experience in the high-tech industry in aspects of product marketing, product management, and technology marketing. He has managed a vast number of enterprise technology areas and held leadership roles in many of Silicon Valley’s top technology companies.

Also featuring John Vecchi

Featured Guests

  • Dr. Michael Savoie
  • Larry Ponemon
  • Sean Cunningham
  • Richard Stiennon
  • Robert Hansen
  • Tony Bai
  • And more

    About the Podcast

    Take control of your cloud security and compliance once and for all. The Anitian Security on Cloud Podcast offers straight talk on challenges and solutions facing today’s businesses as they struggle with security and compliance while moving their applications to the cloud. You’ll hear interviews from industry heavyweights, analysts, and technologists in the cloud security and compliance space to give you the insights you need to navigate security and compliance in this new cloud-driven world.

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