FedRAMP SaaS Requirements

Use this fully automated tool to assess your cloud application’s current compliance with FedRAMP requirements.

Get a Quick Read on your FedRAMP Readiness Today!

You have an advanced SaaS application you’d like to sell to the Federal government, but you may have no idea where it stands relative to FedRAMP requirements.  ​

FedRAMP Insights gives you a quick and easy way to assess the state of your current security controls without manual intervention.  FedRAMP Insights gives you immediate answers to these key questions:

  • Do we have the right cloud security management processes in place?
  • Have we configured our cloud resources correctly?
  • What FedRAMP controls are we already covering?
  • What gaps exist in our cloud-native security controls required by FedRAMP?

    These results not only give you an early indicator of your application’s alignment with FedRAMP requirements but give you actionable information ot start improving your overall security posture now.

The Anitian Advantage

FedRAMP SaaS Requirements and Insights

Get Results Fast

Get results back in minutes by running this fully automated compliance assessment tool​.

No Manual Effort Required​

FedRAMP Insights is designed to be easy to set-up, easy to run and easy to understand – without extra FedRAMP consultants or user interviews​.

Understand your FedRAMP Readiness​

FedRAMP Insights tests the critical controls that have proven to be most impactful in achieving FedRAMP compliance ​.

Gain Actionable Information​

Use the results to immediately start addressing security weaknesses by improving your application’s security controls – whether or not you go on to FedRAMP ATO​.

How it works

Compliance Automation

Anitian’s FedRAMP Insights is a technology solution that integrates into your application’s cloud environment and automatically queries the status of your environment versus 150 compliance rules. These tests are the critical controls that have proven to be most impactful in on your ability to achieve ATO.  Anitian provides standardized templates without the need to grant additional permissions – all rules and tests are made with read-only access.  ​

After integration, you’ll see your first FedRAMP-oriented compliance results within minutes. A simple, streamlined dashboard shows the​ current compliance states of your application or service.  Actionable information is included to assist you with your remediation activities.  Rerun FedRAMP Insights to track your results as you progress.

Next steps

Moving Forward

FedRAMP Insights is just the first of several tools that are utilized in Anitian’s FedRAMP Comprehensive solution.  By using FedRAMP Insights, you’ve taken the first step in your FedRAMP journey.  When you’re ready, Anitian is there to help you through the next phases of audit preparation, authorization and continuous monitoring.  ​

Anitian’s balanced combination of customized assistance and pre-built technology gives you the advantage of getting to ATO in half the time and at half the cost without sacrificing control over your application or environment.

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