Here There Be Dragons: The Role of GenAI in Scaling the FedRAMP Market White Paper

Understanding change—and its impact on our work and our customers—is always a challenge. But it’s especially difficult when multiple changes occur at the same time. Do they cancel each other out, or do they accelerate and amplify each other’s results?

In this white paper we take apart two initiatives—the modernization and scaling of the FedRAMP program; and the recent EO for the federal use of artificial intelligence—and examine how they might work together (or not).  

Readers will learn:
How the FedRAMP program is poised for dramatic growth 
How new artificial intelligence capabilities—particularly GenAI—are being adopted  
How one of these initiatives might be key to solving the challenges presented by the other 
How SaaS developers, security engineers, compliance teams, and business lines are beginning to pull these streams together 

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