Azure Compliance Automation and Security

Quickly and confidently protect and certify cloud workloads with the Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation on Microsoft Azure.

How Azure Compliance Automation Works

Anitian’s Platform unlocks a fast path for companies to secure new or existing workloads in Azure. The Anitian platform runs within a company’s Azure tenant and provides a standardized, pre-built suite of security tools, controls, configurations, documentation templates, and services. With Anitian and Microsoft, what used to consume months of engineering effort, is up and running, fully configured, in hours.

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Surround your applications with a stack of integrated security solutions on day 1. Eliminate the need to install, configure, and integrate a host of disparate technologies.


Employ automated tools to rapidly configure, customize, and document all the controls needed to become audit-ready for FedRAMP, CMMC, PCI, and more.


Use 24×7 SecOps to keep you compliant through compliance checking, incident response, monthly reporting, penetration testing, and threat hunting.

Numbers at-a-glance: Anitian on Microsoft Azure

Hours to Create Your Compliant Cloud Environment

Years of experience in the compliance & security industry

% more cost effective than manually built environments

Accelerate Azure Cloud Compliance and Migration

The combination of Microsoft Azure and SecureCloud for Compliance Automation standardizes and automates the complex, error-prone process of architecting, configuring, and deploying security controls to meet complex compliance requirements such as FedRAMP, CMMC, and PCI. With Anitian and Microsoft, you can accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue by up to 80% and at 50% of the cost.

Pre-engineered Azure platform

The Anitian Platform is up and running in your Azure cloud account on day 1, wrapping a complete set of critical security technologies around your cloud application in just hours. Save months of guesswork, reduce the risk of delayed projects, and allocate valuable resources towards building applications and getting to market quickly.

Unlock opportunities to scale

The Anitian Platform for Microsoft Azure eliminates security and compliance impediments, allowing DevOps and business teams to focus on building the best applications and getting them to market and customers quickly.

Azure Cloud Compliant out of the box

SecureCloud for Compliance Automation takes full advantage of native Azure services — as well as proven, 3rd party technologies — to provide resilient, scalable controls.

Continous Azure Cloud Compliance for peace of mind

Anitian’s Security Operations for Azure keeps regulated workloads secure and compliant with 24x7x365 protection, threat hunting, vulnerability management, and reporting.

Microsoft Azure native products and services

SecureCloud for Compliance Automation instantiates, configures, and optimizes these native Azure services to FedRAMP requirements.


Azure Lighthouse


Azure Firewall


Azure Monitor


Azure Policy


Azure Bastion


Azure Active Directory


Azure Blueprints


Azure Sentinel


Azure Security Center


Azure Virtual Machines


Azure Key Vault


Azure Resource Manager


Azure Application Gateway


Azure Log Analytics


Azure Network Watcher


Azure Virtual Networks


Azure Defender ATP


Azure Active Directory Domain Services


Pre-engineered for FedRAMP automation on Azure

Quickly and confidently protect and certify cloud workloads with SecureCloud for Compliance Automation on Microsoft Azure for FedRAMP, CMMC, and more.

Anitian’s partnership with Microsoft Azure reflects an ongoing digital transformation as businesses look to expand their cloud services.