Definitive Guide™ to Cloud Compliance Automation

Learn how to make cloud applications FedRAMP, PCI, CMMC, or StateRAMP audit-ready in weeks and keep them secure and compliant over time.


Inside we’ll cover…

  • Compliance automation for cloud applications — Understand the concept and the business problems it solves.
  • Creating an infrastructure — Learn how to build a cloud infrastructure that meets security and compliance requirements.
  • Building compliance into development — Review how to promote secure coding and testing for DevSecOps.
  • Automating compliance documentation — Examine ways to generate documents for auditors and regulators.
  • Staying compliant — Explore strategies for keeping applications continuously secure and compliant.
  • Real life examples — See how organizations have saved months releasing cloud applications and entering new markets.

Helping customers automate and accelerate cloud security and compliance

so they can enter new markets and unlock revenue in weeks, not months or years.