FedRAMP Comprehensive: Readiness Assessment

Scope your FedRAMP project upfront to reduce risks, identify gaps, set timelines, and optimize your FedRAMP journey.

What will I need to do to make my application FedRAMP Compliant?

That’s the first question on most software vendors’ minds when they start to consider providing cloud services to the federal government.  You know you’ll need FedRAMP authorization, but you don’t know how long it will take, how much it will cost, what staffing will be required, what controls will need to be added, what code will need to be changed, or what processes will need to be implemented.​

Unfortunately, many organizations start down the FedRAMP path without clear answers to these questions, often resulting in missed schedules, cost over runs, unexpected roadblocks and sometimes even complete failure to reach FedRAMP ATO.​

Anitian’s FedRAMP Readiness Assessment answers these questions, using automation and expertise to quickly provide an accurate, customized roadmap of what it will take for you to achieve FedRAMP success.​


FedRAMP Readiness Assessment


Reduce Risks

Get a clear picture upfront of potential compliance problems and obstacles that could impede your progress – before implementation begins.


Get Results Fast

Obtain your readiness assessment in as little as 30 days so you can make decisions and start implementation without delay.


Plan Your Project

Use the detailed project plan to assign tasks and priorities, then track progress using Anitian’s Compliance Insights automated dashboards.

Quickest Time to ATO

The FedRAMP Readiness Assessment is just the first step of Anitian’s comprehensive solution to put you on the road to ATO in the shortest possible time.


Expert Guidance + Advanced Technology throughout the FedRAMP Phases

anitian readniess assessment

Know Before You Go (to ATO)

The Anitian FedRAMP Readiness Assessment is designed to quickly determine your application’s readiness to undergo the rigors of the FedRAMP authorization process. It identifies specific obstacles you may face and potential pitfalls to avoid. It provides a realistic roadmap of what your FedRAMP journey will entail.​

With this knowledge you are better able to plan your FedRAMP project, gain internal support, and set realistic timelines and budgets.


Automation and Expertise

​Anitian’s FedRAMP Readiness Assessment uses a handpicked set of critical cybersecurity controls that are proven to be the most impactful on your ability to achieve ATO. To make this assessment, Anitian uses a combination of technology and interviews with Anitian’s on-staff compliance experts.​

Anitian performs discovery throughout your public cloud infrastructure, scans environments for vulnerabilities, and determines solution boundaries. Gaps in configuration items for encryption, access, secrets management and other control groups are identified. The process includes manual and automated rule evaluations.​

The result is an accurate assessment that can be performed in as little as 30 days, so you can make decisions and get started on your FedRAMP implementation ASAP.

Next Steps

Moving to the Preparation Phase

At the completion of your readiness assessment, you – and Anitian – have a clear plan of how best to progress down the compliance path. The assessment relies on several tools from the Anitian FedRAMP Compliance Automation Platform, so you’ve already started down the path.​

Among these capabilities is Compliance Insights, a dynamic dashboard that provides ongoing programmatic insight into your application’s current state of compliance. This was used in the initial assessment, and now continues to provide high-level visibility and project tracking as you complete each of the security and compliance controls.​

All these Anitian elements work together to enable you to achieve FedRAMP ATO status in half the time and cost versus traditional methods.


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