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Chances are, you’re already late.

As cloud-based software vendors adapt to the new normal of a COVID economy, many have pivoted to the public sector for new opportunities and business growth. However, for many business leaders, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that processes, procurement, and certifications involving the Federal Government can take much longer than you think. So, as many of you cloud software vendors look to the year ahead, how can you ensure that you’ll be in a position to be considered for Federal 2021 bids and Request for Proposals (RFPs)?

The answer: You must work backward. 

To even be considered for Federal bids and new business opportunities, software vendors must be FedRAMP compliant. And that takes time. A lot of time.

In fact, if you were to start your journey today, cloud-based software vendors taking the consulting services approach to FedRAMP compliance would never be on track to be considered for Federal FY2021 bids. Fortunately, it takes much less time with Anitian (80% less time to be specific) than with the traditional consulting services approach. That’s why cloud software vendors turn to Anitian.

Let’s break it down.

Anitian FedRAMP Timing and Milestones

September 30, 2021 is the Fiscal Year-End deadline for any vendor to be considered for 2021 Federal market dollars.

Working backward: May 31, 2021 should be your target readiness date for having your applications in the market and ready to be sold with all “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed. This allows government agencies 120 days to respond to bids before year-end – a typical public sector response cycle.

Moving further back: by March 31, 2021, or earlier, the vendor must be engaged with a 3PAO (3rd Party Assessment Organization) so they have time to schedule and complete their FedRAMP audit procedures.

Stepping back further in time: vendors should plan to have engaged a FedRAMP project kick-off call with Anitian by January 15, 2021 – with your technical and business teams.

And, working backward from that: customers will need to have a signed proposal and agreement by or around December 18, 2020 to ensure they are in the January queue for the technical kick-off meeting.

Knowledge is power, and understanding this timeline can be the difference between you getting your cloud software bids in front of your federal buyer in 2021 or having to wait another year or more (perhaps even two).

Anitian can help. Learn more about the Anitian Compliance Automation Platform for FedRAMP, and how you can be FedRAMP audit-ready in as little as 60 days (and at half the cost). Schedule a 30-minute demo today to see how.