Devo Achieves ATO, and Federal CISOs Gain Another Key Resource

Of all the SaaS tools used by federal IT teams, cutting-edge cybersecurity tools may be the ones in highest demand. In July 2023 a number of US agencies – including the Department of Energy and the US Office of Personnel Management – were victims of a debilitating attack by the Russian ransomware gang Clop. We […]

Ripcord Transforms, Anitian Empowers, Agencies Win

As far back as 2011 a presidential mandate said, “Records are the foundation of open government.” This mandate went on to say that accessible, readable public records supported the “principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration” in society, as well as a government’s march towards progress and efficiency.   It’s almost impossible to calculate the number of […]

Revving Up for Rev5, Part 3: Recommendations and Timelines

FedRAMP R5 represents a lot of change. So much change that we can’t track it all in this one blog, though we gave it the Old College Try:   In this last installment of the series we’ll serve up recommendations and tips from Anitian’s on-staff security and compliance experts about how to navigate the R4-to-R5 transition. Then we’ll cover […]

Revving Up for Rev5, Part 2: SCRM, Privacy and Encryption

In Part 1 of this three-part blog series we provided an overview of FedRAMP Rev5 changes: why they came about, what they aim to accomplish and – perhaps most importantly – how they’ll drive significant changes in the FedRAMP ATO process, technologies, and expectations. Now in Part 2 we get to dive into three meaty areas that […]

Revving Up for Rev5: When Threats Evolve, FedRAMP Must Evolve

It’s been a tough couple of years for cybersecurity strategists and practitioners. In 2021, supply chain attacks on Kaseya, Solar Winds, Accellion and other hardware and software providers sowed doubt into their long-standing assumptions of trust. Ransomware piggybacked on some of these exploits to drive their severity and urgency (see Kaseya, again). Even when these attacks weren’t embedded deep […]

2023 FedRAMP Timeline Milestones: Critical Deadlines Growing Companies Must Know

As cloud-based software vendors seek out new ways to drive revenue for their organizations, many look in the direction of the lucrative public sector market. Worldwide government IT spending was forecasted to hit $483 billion in 2021, an increase of 5.1% from 2020, according to the latest forecast by Gartner. That should only increase in […]

Why Real-World ROI Matters to Software Vendors Pursuing FedRAMP in 2021

Return on Investment (ROI) is typically thought of as a calculation of how and when you can get your money back on money spent. However, when it comes to FedRAMP, having real-world ROI insight can be the difference between choosing a potentially disastrous and delayed FedRAMP journey, or choosing a successful and accelerated FedRAMP journey. […]