Accelerate Business Growth with Anitian

Enter new markets, capture new business, and generate new revenue 80% faster by leveraging the fastest path to security and compliance for cloud applications.


Speed up market entry and business growth by a year or more

If your company develops software or web-based solutions, or needs cloud-based applications to serve your customers or manage operations, then Anitian can dramatically shorten the time needed to:

Engage in the Healthcare Market

Participate in healthcare and pharmaceutical markets where HIPAA regulations are central.

Win Federal Government Contracts

Sell to the US Federal government and state and local government agencies that require FedRAMP or CMMC certification.

Compete in the European Union

Serve businesses and consumers in the European Union where GDPR compliance is mandatory.

Meet Security Requirements

Ensure that all business units can meet the security requirements of the most demanding customers in their markets.

Migrate to the Cloud

Migrate or Lift and Shift applications to the cloud.

Partner with Law Enforcement

Work with law enforcement agencies concerned with CJIS security policies.

Provide eCommerce Services

Expand your offerings and provide eCommerce services and solutions that are PCI compliant.

Secure While You Grow

Bring acquired companies or assets up to high standards of security and compliance.

Business Growth Solution Brief

Learn how SecureCloud for Compliance Automation can help you drive business growth within your organization. Download a copy of the Business Growth Solution Brief today.


Aligned with the most complex security and compliance requirements.

Integrated and tested on the cloud platform.

Leverages native security tools from the platform provider.


Customized for FedRAMP, PCI, CMMC, GDPR, ISO, and more.

Up to 421+ controls (FedRAMP high-level systems).

Powerful “enter once, populate everywhere” documentation automation.


Continuously test and certify application compliance.

Generate mandated monthly reports.

Support and empower your security teams.


Typical time-to-market vs. with Anitian

Why delay your business growth by up to 12-18 months, and tie up a team of 10 people, at 2x the cost?


The consulting approach

More costs, risks, resources, and delays.

Audit-Ready in 18-24 Months

Just to design, deploy, and configure your environment for FedRAMP.

Lots of Staff Required

Typically requires many full-time employees or consultants.

High Costs

Why spend millions of dollars for delayed time-to-revenue?

The Anitian approach

Get FedRAMP audit-ready up to 80% faster at 50% of the cost.

Audit-Ready in Days

Anitian’s pre-built cloud environment gets you FedRAMP audit-ready in days.

Minimal Staff Needed

With Anitian, you only need up to 2/3 fewer full-time employees for your FedRAMP project.

Cost Savings

Anitian’s Compliance Automation saves you time, resources, and up to 50% of the cost.

With Anitian, your time to deploy is reduced by up to 80%, slashing costs by 50%.


Align your business to enter new markets by eliminating cloud security and compliance barriers

SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is pre-built to meet the most complex security and compliance requirements right out-of-the-box, allowing for a “ready once, audit many” approach.
US Federal government markets

Requiring FedRAMP or CMMC certification

eCommerce markets

Requiring PCI DSS certification

Healthcare and pharmaceutical markets

Requiring HIPAA compliance

European Union markets

Requiring GDPR compliance

State and local government markets

Requiring CJIS compliance

Use Anitian to drive your business forward

Anitian makes security and compliance easy. Schedule a live demo today to learn more.