Anitian Announces Collaboration with Microsoft Azure

Anitian Announces Collaboration with Microsoft Azure

Anitian Compliance Automation Platform will be available on Azure, helping customers certify and protect their cloud workloads.

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PORTLAND, Oregon – March 4, 2021 – Anitian, a leading provider of cloud security and compliance automation solutions, announced today a collaboration with Microsoft to deliver its Compliance Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure. With Anitian Compliance Automation, companies can deploy workloads to Azure and quickly align them with rigorous security and compliance frameworks such as FedRAMP, PCI, CMMC, and more.

Anitian on Azure

Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform unlocks a fast path for companies to secure new or existing workloads in Azure. The Compliance Automation Platform runs within a company’s Azure tenant and provides a standardized, pre-engineered suite of security tools, configurations, documentation templates, and services. With Anitian, what used to consume months of engineering effort is up and running, fully configured, in hours.

“Anitian is honored to collaborate with Microsoft,” said Anitian CEO, Rakesh Narasimhan. “This new version of our platform takes advantage of multiple native Microsoft Azure services to quickly deliver a reliable, scalable security environment for both new and existing Microsoft customers.”

“Microsoft Azure has consistently focused on empowering customers with technology that breaks down barriers and unlocks innovation,” said Rick Wagner, president of Microsoft Federal. “We are pleased to work with Anitian as their technology transforms security and compliance from error-prone manual work, into a standardized, automated set of Microsoft Azure tools and configurations to quickly certify and protect cloud applications.”

Better Security

Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform delivers numerous benefits for Azure customers:

  • Accelerate cloud migration: The combination of Azure and Anitian’s pre-built platform automates and standardizes the complex, error-prone process of architecting, configuring, and deploying security controls to meet compliance requirements such as FedRAMP, CMMC, and PCI.
  • Unlock opportunity: Anitian and Azure eliminate security and compliance impediments, allowing DevOps teams to focus on building applications and getting them to market and to customers, quickly.
  • Cloud-native: Anitian Compliance Automation takes full advantage of native Azure services as well as proven third-party technologies to provide resilient, scalable controls.
  • Continuous compliance: Anitian’s 24×7 Security Operations for Azure keeps regulated workloads secure with round-the-clock threat hunting and compliance guardrails.

Anitian’s integration with Azure reflects an ongoing digital transformation worldwide as businesses look to expand their cloud services. Enterprises spent $34.6 billion on cloud infrastructure services in Q2 2020, according to one report from Canalys. It marked the largest-ever quarterly spending increase for the sector. 

“The cloud has redefined what security and compliance means. Our customers expect multi-cloud security solutions that go wherever they want to be and seamlessly fit with native cloud and containerized workloads,” said Narasimhan. “Anitian Compliance Automation for Microsoft Azure eliminates the impediments security can create, to unlock innovation and prosperity.”

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Anitian delivers the fastest path to security and compliance in the cloud. Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform and SecureCloud Service help high-growth SaaS companies get applications to market quickly, so they can unlock revenue in weeks, not months or years. Our automated cloud platform and service deliver a full suite of security controls – pre-engineered and pre-configured to rigorous security standards such as FedRAMP, CMMC, or PCI. Anitian’s pre-engineered environment and platform use the full power and scale of the cloud to accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue so you can start secure, start compliant, and stay ahead. Find out more at

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