Compliance Automation and Security Operations for Retail

Uniting DevOps and Security for eCommerce

Transforming Retail SecOps with Compliance at Ludicrous Speed

Cloud adoption, artificial intelligence, and DevOps are changing how retailers access new markets, compete on value, and use data to drive decision making. The applications driving this change are critical to competitiveness and prosperity.

Compliance and security remain stubborn challenges for retailers. Retail systems are under aggressive, persistent attack. Moreover, security and compliance can slow down the adoption and scale of new applications.

Drive Faster with Anitian SecOps for Retail

The Anitian’s platform helps retail executives, their software developers, and security teams rapidly meet compliance and security requirements. Rather than bolting PCI or GDPR capabilities late in the development process, Anitian unites DevOps and Security into a common, automated platform. Retail systems can be secured and compliant from the moment they are deployed. Anitian’s 24×7 threat monitoring ensures attackers are stopped cold before they can leak data, damage systems, and destroy your reputation.

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