SecOps Automation for Continuous Security and Compliance

Scalable security, management, and compliance for Anitian’s SecureCloud for Compliance Automation and SecureCloud for Enterprise Cloud Security.


Stay secure & compliant with Anitian’s 24×7 SecOps

Securing your applications in the cloud is imperative to your business. The combination of your IT security teams, operations, tools, technologies, and processes are keys to maintaining that security. Leveraging Anitian’s 24×7 Security and Operations (SecOps) team of highly skilled security analysts and engineers helps your organizations reduce risk as well as improve the overall agility of your business, helping you stay secure and ahead of threats, all while maintaining compliance in Anitian’s SecureCloud for Compliance Automation and SecureCloud for Enterprise Cloud Security.

Keeping you secure and compliant is our top priority

Continuously test and certify application compliance.
Generate mandated monthly reports.
Support and empower your security


SecOps Security Key benefits & features

Managed security environment

Fully managed security environment taking care of all patching, upgrades, tuning, and maintenance.

24×7 continuous monitoring

US-citizen-based SOC for FedRAMP and other federal compliance standards.

Daily threat hunting - Continuous touch

Continuous, automated scanning of your systems, applications, and networks for suspicious activity and vulnerabilities.

Threat intelligence and data analytics

Both standard and then curated to grow and change with each individual environment.

Vulnerability management

Including FedRAMP, Security Operations, POA&M creation, and contribution.

Expert assistance during audits


Footprint monitoring & penetration testing

Actively monitoring the environment’s internet exposure and actively testing for validation and weakness.

Works with your teams

Integrates with your existing security operations team.

Ultimate protection for your cloud workloads

When moving regulated workloads to the cloud, choosing services that ensure you can continuously meet compliance requirements is imperative. Anitian SecOps operates as an extension of your own security team or as your sole security operations team in case you don’t have one.
Anitian SecureCloud Shield


Leave SecOps security to the experts

Anitian’s SecOps service provides your organization 24×7 protection with real-time threat hunting, detection, and responses – not just alerts – to help you stay compliant and secure between audits. Intelligently automated guardrails and a team of dedicated, U.S.-based security professionals monitor, support, update, and remediate your cloud environment, actively resolving any issues that could affect your organization’s security or compliance.


Monitoring & remediation that’s fast, simple & reliable

Anitian’s SecOps service extends far beyond common managed detection and response (MDR) and managed security service provider (MSSP) offerings. Monitor your SaaS environment for security settings, access controls, and other critical compliance risks – and eliminate error-prone manual compliance checks once and for all – with Anitian’s comprehensive security operations and remediation services.

Visibility is key

Insightful and Actionable Reporting

Knowing your security posture is critical for your business. Anitian offers you on-demand or regularly scheduled security reports that are customized for your specific risk tolerance, compliance, and audit needs.

Continuous Improvement

Anitian Continuous Compliance Automation Lifecycle


Secure your environment, discover gaps and detect vulnerabilities.


Apply templates ensuring compliance and enforce environment-specific organizational policies


Monitor, report and remediate vulnerabilities and changes in compliance rules.
Continous compliance automation lifecycle

Anitian makes security and compliance easy. Schedule a live demo today to learn more.