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The NGFW is Dead

The NGFW is Dead

Let’s get this out of the way: the next-generation firewall (NGFW) is dead. The cause of death: cloud. However, this is not an execution, rather a slow, decline into irrelevance in the face of a more agile competitor. The shroud of death and decay are all around the...

RSA 2018 – Buzzword Bingo

RSA Conference is fertile ground for buzzwords.  Remember “Big Data” or “threat intelligence” from years past? Well, this year things are getting a little weirder. Here are some buzzwords that were tossed around at RSA, with my thoughts on their real meanings....

RSA 2018 – Chaos Engineering

If there is one thing RSA does well, its chaos. However, this is partially because San Francisco is a giant, elegant, stinky, haphazardly-engineered, cacophony of chaos. From the pungent weed clouds to the automated compute clouds, San Francisco has mastered chaos....