How to Make PCI Compliance a Little Easier for Everyone

Before we begin, there’s one thing to make very, very clear: You cannot outsource ALL compliance! I do not care what some vendor says. No single service makes you compliant. Only you can make you compliant. While vendors can take you most, if not all the way to compliance. You must still confirm their compliance […]

The Human Firewall is a Lie

It is delusional to think we can deprogram millennia of human evolution because information security is difficult. The human firewall is a lie.

GDPR is Coming

GDPR has rapidly devolved into a touchstone for everything from vendor FUD to political frothing. It has been hailed as a huge step forward for privacy and assailed as the worst thing to come out of Europe since the Bubonic Plague. Let’s push aside the hyperbole and let facts and reason rule the day.

Webinar Video: PCI Compliance for AWS Cloud

Anitian wrote the book on PCI Compliance for AWS (along with the team at AWS). How do you make AWS environments compliant with the PCI DSS? In collaboration with Amazon, Anitian wrote the definitive guide on how to not only make your AWS environment compliant but how you can leverage AWS services to accelerate compliance. […]