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PCI 3.0 Secure Authentication Requirement

PCI 3.0 Secure Authentication Requirement

The new PCI-DSS 3.0 has introduced a number of new requirements. While some of the changes like penetration testing are getting most of the attention, there are numerous less obvious updates that are equally important. One of the new requirements that is that flying...

Heartbleed – What You Need to Know

The Heartbleed bug is the biggest thing to hit the security world for a while.  So what do you need to know about this bug?  Anitian has a quick summary. What is Heartbleed? It is a bug in OpenSSL, a common encryption library used on web servers. Is it bad? Yes, but...

Is badBIOS for Real?

Last week Dragos Ruiu described a new kind of malware that can spread without network connectivity. Named badBIOS, this malware supposedly uses ultrasonic communications through speakers to communicate with other hosts.  This raised a lot of eyebrows, even among us...