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In 2016, a global manufacturing company engaged Anitian for a RiskNow Rapid Risk Assessment. This company had recently implemented a complex new business system and was concerned about its security.

During our initial conversations, multiple people expressed frustration with foreign competitors. They specifically commented on how rivals in Asia were releasing knock-off versions of their products mere weeks after they would roll them out. This was costing the company millions in lost revenue.

This intelligence caught the interest of Anitian’s risk assessor. Since all RiskNow Rapid Risk Assessments include security testing and configuration analysis, the assessor instructed Anitian’s team to look for possible state-sponsored espionage through backchannels or malware.

Anitian’s penetration testing team quickly identified a system infected with a malware commonly used in state-sponsored attacks. This malware had been in place and active for over a year. Further investigation showed that foreign rivals were stealing proprietary designs directly from the company’s file servers. This explained how those foreign rivals could release knock-off products so quickly.

Anitian’s team sprung into action. We worked with the company to eliminate the threat and design a new network and security architecture to prevent future attacks. We recommended new controls and technologies to provide proactive, automated detection and response.


The Bottom Line

Shutting down this state-sponsored malware saved the company millions in lost sales. It helped restore their competitive advantage. It also reinvigorated this company’s growth, innovation, and prosperity.