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A large, global retail company engaged Anitian to help with an extremely sensitive security issue.

Multiple individuals within the company were engaged in criminal activity. When this activity was discovered, the perpetrators attempted to erase evidence of their malfeasance. The company was deeply concerned about negative publicity and disruption to the business. While the activity was illegal, there was no direct threat to customer data or employees.

Anitian had to perform a legally sound investigation discreetly and without disrupting business operations and attracting attention.

Anitian conducted a sophisticated month-long investigation into the activities of the suspects. We staged a series of online counterespionage efforts to gather intelligence. In the process, we obtained irrefutable evidence of criminal activities, even after the perpetrators had attempted to delete it.

This company’s business operations remained unaffected as Anitian disguised our efforts with a series of ruses and misdirection to avoid publicity. Ultimately, law enforcement and legal counsel was able get a full confession from the suspects and resolve the matter. The investigation stopped millions of dollars worth of theft and abuse of company assets.

This company specifically chose Anitian because they needed a team that could analyze more than just computers, but also business processes, technical configurations, and organizational cultural issues. They needed the creative thinking of Anitian.


The Bottom Line

You have never heard of this incident, and that was the point. The bad guys were caught, the issue resolved, and the company remained off the news and social media.