Anitian Makes it Easier to Find & Fix Vulnerabilities with New FedRAMP Dashboard

Blog - Anitian Makes it Easier to Find & Fix Vulnerabilities with New Dashboard

Today we’re excited to announce Anitian’s new interactive Vulnerability Management Dashboard which provides SecOps teams with a unified view of all vulnerabilities in their AWS and Microsoft Azure environments. By combining vulnerabilities from different scanners (OS, database, container, application) and adding FedRAMP-specific information, security teams can now easily prioritize the most critical priorities to remediate, while remaining compliant with FedRAMP.   

Maintaining your FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO)

Once a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has achieved its FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO), continuous monitoring (ConMon) must be performed in order to remain compliant. CSPs must regularly monitor and assess their environment to ensure the security posture of their service offering is compliant with FedRAMP requirements to resolve vulnerabilities within the following service level agreements (SLAs): 

  • High risk vulnerabilities must be remediated within 30 days 
  • Moderate risk vulnerabilities must be remediated within 90 days 
  • Low risk vulnerabilities must be remediated within 180 days 

As more cloud services are being used and the systems become more complex, an increasing number of new vulnerabilities are being detected. And with a sense of urgency to fix the high vulnerabilities that come in, many security teams struggle to find time to fix the growing amount of low and moderate priority vulnerabilities. This problem is exacerbated by the time it takes security engineers to look through different vulnerability reports and manually look up additional information, such as the CVE score or resolution of a vulnerability. It’s more important now than ever for security teams to plan and prioritize security patches around these SLAs. 

Eliminate Blind Spots with Unified Vulnerability Management  

Anitian’s Vulnerability Management Dashboard provides real-time insights into your organization’s vulnerability management efforts, helping your security teams efficiently monitor, track, and meet remediation deadlines.  

Use the dashboard to learn about new vulnerabilities and emerging threats, gain insights into the effectiveness of your current vulnerability management, prioritize remediation, and focus on specific resources or data sources you define.  

With deeper visibility into your cloud application’s security and compliance posture, the dashboard provides you with: 

  • Visual representations of all known vulnerabilities in real-time
  • A common data schema for all vulnerabilities so they can easily be added to Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) reports 
  • The number of days left to remediate each vulnerability, organized by severity, to help you plan necessary security patching and stay FedRAMP compliant
  • Advanced filtering options so that multiple teams with different resource ownership can all use the same dashboard
  • Ability to enrich vulnerabilities with additional information such as FedRAMP priority or CVE score

Watch the video below to see the dashboard in action for Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation customers on AWS. 

Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation customers on Microsoft Azure can watch a demo of the dashboard here.

The dashboard also provides historical data on trends in vulnerabilities. Get a high-level view of how many new vulnerabilities were detected and closed per day, and dive deeper to see vulnerabilities organized by their level of severity. Use the date filtering options to change your timeframe and view vulnerabilities from as far back as six months ago. The dashboard will also show an uptick in the number of non-resolved vulnerabilities over time as well as the average time it took to close vulnerabilities of different priorities — a feature that can help security teams with their resource planning.  

Gain Deeper Insight into Current Vulnerabilities 

The Current Vulnerabilities table provides you with an overview of all unique vulnerabilities that are currently found in your environment. Vulnerabilities are automatically grouped by Hostname and appear as they would on your POA&M report. Using the many filter options within the dashboard to achieve a specific view is just another way security teams can look at the data and resolve specific vulnerabilities for all affected resources.  

Accessing the Dashboard 

Having access to a dashboard that provides increased visibility, collaboration, and prioritization will allow you to focus limited resources where they can have the greatest impact. Now your organization can take a holistic approach to vulnerability management and ensure that your application stays secure and compliant.  

The new Vulnerability Management Dashboard is a complimentary feature now available for all SecureCloud for Compliance Automation customers on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Once installed, the dashboard can be accessed via the Anitian jump host.  

Ready to get started? Please contact Anitian’s Customer Success Team to request access. We’ll schedule a Review Call to discuss the dashboard and associated installation process in more detail. Anitian will also provide additional resources to help your team get the most value out of the new dashboard.