Preparing for Your FedRAMP Journey:
How to get audit-ready in just days

Navigating the FedRAMP authorization journey can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly. Legacy, professional service approaches include teams of hourly-based advisory resources who can spend 12-18 months or more simply getting you FedRAMP audit-ready – resulting in high opportunity costs and delayed time-to-market. 

Learn how AWS, Carahsoft, Anitian, and A-LIGN are helping business and government executives win contracts and enter new federal and public sector markets by dramatically accelerating time-to-market and time-to-revenue. See how Anitian’s pre-engineered Compliance Automation Platform on the AWS Cloud can cut FedRAMP time-to-compliance by up to 80% while slashing costs by 50%.

Tune in as subject matter experts discuss:

  • The FedRAMP process and timelines
  • Actual costs and requirements associated with FedRAMP
  • The advantages of becoming FedRAMP compliant and how they can positively impact revenue
  • Using automation to save on costs and working hours
  • What to expect with the 3PAO audit process

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