How to Accelerate Time-to-Production with Automated DevSecOps

Organizations not only need to get their applications to the cloud and production faster but need to do it in a way that assures they are secure and compliant. With the expansion of DevOps and DevSecOps models, the concept of “shifting left”, “shifting right,” and “shifting everywhere” in the SDLC is critical. Meanwhile, DevOps and security leaders are still challenged to implement cloud application security at the requisite speed of DevOps. So, how can you implement effective DevSecOps in the cloud that keeps you secure and compliant without slowing you down?

Join Emily Cummins, Director of Cloud Security, and John Vecchi, Chief Marketing Officer at Anitian, to hear about the next evolution of automated cloud application security and how it can get your apps to production and market faster while securing your applications from build-time through run-time.

Watch on-demand to learn how you can: 

Shorten and simplify the DevOps path to application security.
Accelerate cloud application delivery and security to shift left/right faster.
Get FedRAMP-proven security and automated threat insights out-of-the-box.

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