The fastest path to FedRAMP compliance and automation

Speed up your FedRAMP compliance audit-readiness and timeline at enterprise scale.


The only proven, accelerated path to FedRAMP compliance and automation

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a complex and resource-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Anitian’s SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is the only proven and pre-built platform designed to dramatically accelerate your FedRAMP audit-readiness and compliance – while saving you time and money.

Accelerate your FedRAMP automation journey

Anitian’s solution is delivered as four, pre-built stacks to help you dramatically accelerate your FedRAMP time-to-compliance and time-to-market.

Document Stack


SecOps Stack


Tech Stack


DevOps Stack



Everything you need to achieve FedRAMP audit-readiness and maintain your FedRAMP ATO

Pre-built Environment

Anitian provides a complete, standardized, and pre-built environment. Just migrate your apps and data, fill out some documents, and you’re ready for your auditor.


Get access to Document and Template Stacks of all Security Authorization Package deliverables to help guide you through the entire FedRAMP Authorization process.

Compliant Environment

As a cloud compliant architecture deployed on AWS and Azure, our automation configures all controls to meet 3PAO requirements, ensure data integrity and security, and help you retain control.

24x7 SecOps

Protect your initial investment with Anitian’s 24×7 SecOps services and monitoring to maintain your compliance posture and support your FedRAMP project.

FedRAMP Audit-Ready

Take the guesswork out of compliance. SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is pre-configured and pre-engineered for compliance. Access rights, password policies, security controls, and more are all done for you.

Fully Automated

The SecureCloud environment will be up and running – in a fully configured and secure state in one day, saving your organization time, money, and resources in what would’ve normally taken months (or even years).

Accelerate your time-to-market

A proven, accelerated path to FedRAMP audit-readiness and compliance

Exploring and understanding the FedRAMP authorization process can be frustrating and overwhelming. Legacy approaches include hourly consulting resources who spend 12-18 months just getting you audit-ready. Learn how Anitian can help you get audit-ready, enter new markets, and deliver value to your teams and customers faster than you ever thought possible.
FedRamp audit-readiness DevOps Platform Security stack

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A complete DevOps Platform for FedRAMP audit-readiness

Accelerate your FedRAMP journey with the fastest, easiest, and most reliable path to FedRAMP audit-readiness and compliance. Our team works with you every step of the way to onboard your applications, fill out policy documents, and get you FedRAMP audit-ready. SecureCloud for Compliance Automation contains everything you need right out of the gate: controls, licenses, documents, automation scripts, and more.

Anitian enabled Smartsheet to achieve FedRAMP-readiness and complete their 3PAO audit in a total of 82 days. Read the case study HERE.

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