The US Government Market requires you to go through FedRAMP for Cloud Security Offerings (CSOs).
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The US Federal Government is one of the biggest software buyers in the world.

In 2023 alone, it has over $83 billion budgeted for tools and technologies of all sizes. Because of the government’s cloud-first policy, many of these budgets are specifically focused on SaaS-based software products.

Does your company have a SaaS-based product that would help the government secure its systems, manage its assets, schedule its staff, increase its productivity, or provide any of hundreds of other benefits?

If so, the US government might be your largest prospective customer. And virtually every road to this market goes through FedRAMP.

What Is Anitian’s Technical Readiness Assessment for FedRAMP?

TRA for FedRAMP is a technology-first approach to assessing an organization’s readiness for FedRAMP. TRA for FedRAMP is a hybrid solution that blends FedRAMP-proven technology and real-world expertise to help SaaS providers understand FedRAMP requirements, gauge their current solutions, and understand what obstacles they can expect (and which pitfalls they can avoid) along their path to ATO.

Get Ready

TRA for FedRAMP combines a detailed, expertise-driven assessment of your solution’s current architecture and security posture with a programmatic, automated evaluation of required controls, your application or services’ cloud environment, and potential security issues.

Get Set

It determines how ready your application or service is to undergo the rigors of FedRAMP assessment, as well as the ability of your product and technologies to make it through to ATO and availability in the FedRAMP marketplace.


Customers who complete the TRA assessments for FedRAMP can make informed decisions about their FedRAMP process, their options, and how the SecureCloud platform can accelerate their journey.

What Do I Get from TRA for FedRAMP?

Anitian’s TRA for FedRAMP provides answers to hard questions from Day One. It assesses a handpicked set of critical cybersecurity controls that are proven to have the most impact on your ability to achieve ATO. To make this assessment, TRA for FedRAMP uses a combination of Anitian technology and a series of interviews with Anitian’s on-staff compliance experts.

TRA for FedRAMP performs discovery throughout your AWS public cloud infrastructure

It scans environments for vulnerabilities, helps analysts determine solution boundaries, and discovers gaps in configuration items for encryption, access, secrets management and other control groups. It performs manual and automated rule evaluations and provides its Compliance Insights dashboard to provide an ongoing, continuing assessment of the most critical FedRAMP controls.

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How Close Will TRA for FedRAMP Get Us to Our Goal of ATO?

TRA for FedRAMP is a stepping stone to a larger evaluation. Every Anitian customer who embarks on the journey to the FedRAMP marketplace must make an early, data-driven evaluation of their current offering. They must assess its architecture and design, its security controls, its reporting mechanisms, and the way its data is managed. Some solutions are built with FedRAMP in mind, and some require significant changes.

Anitian customers who have achieved FedRAMP ATO have all gone through the same early-stage process that TRA for FedRAMP covers, before moving on to later phases such as Deployment, Application Onboarding, ConMon service creation, and development of their Operational Readiness Checklist. In every case these customers have found our unique combination of early-stage technologies and services – now packaged as TRA for FedRAMP – to provide precious insight, help their teams make more informed decisions, and shine a spotlight on some of the challenges that may lie ahead.

With SecureCloud for Enterprise Cloud Security, DevOps and security teams can stop struggling with complex cloud security infrastructure and compliance — and focus on what matters most to their business.