Webinar Video: PCI Compliance for AWS Cloud

Webinar Video: PCI Compliance for AWS Cloud - Anitian

Anitian wrote the book on PCI Compliance for AWS (along with the team at AWS). How do you make AWS environments compliant with the PCI DSS? In collaboration with Amazon, Anitian wrote the definitive guide on how to not only make your AWS environment compliant but how you can leverage AWS services to accelerate compliance. Whether you host at AWS now or plan to in the future, this webinar will provide valuable intelligence on building PCI compliant AWS cloud architectures.

In this free webinar, the cloud security experts from Anitian will discuss strategies and techniques for AWS compliance and security, as outlined in the recently published 3rd edition of the workbook.

Topics Covered

  • Highlights of the recent updates to the workbook.
  • Reference architectures for secure, compliant hosting.
  • Leveraging AWS services for compliance.
  • Best practices for PCI in the cloud.

Additional Resources

  • Learn more about Anitian’s Compliance Automation PCI products here.

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