Simply the fastest path to PCI, ISO 27001, and SOC 2 compliance

Get compliant and audit-ready up to 80% faster and reduce time, cost, risk, and resources, by automating your compliance.


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Take a “Ready Once, Audit Many” approach to SOC 2, PCI, and ISO 27001 commercial compliance

Leverage the industry’s leading and most proven compliance automation platform for AWS and Azure.

Pre-built to deliver the highest level of compliance day 1

Anitian’s pre-engineered SecureCloud for Compliance Automation platform deploys a complete cloud security and compliance infrastructure environment in hours — standardized and pre-configured to the highest level of compliance by design and by default.
NIST 800-53 Level Security audit

Anitian Commercial Compliance available and certified on:

Anitian is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner
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Anitian is an Azure Advanced Specialization Partner
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SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 Compliance

Accelerate SOC 2 commercial compliance  and get audit-ready in days, not months or years

Anitian’s automated and pre-configured platform dramatically accelerates your time-to-market and time-to-compliance for SOC 2, PCI, ISO 27001, and more.
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Pre-built platform

A complete stack of standardized and pre-configured cloud security technologies, automated compliance tools, DevOps integration, and reports.
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Fastest time-to-market

Eliminate 6-12 month compliance projects so you can get your service to market faster while eliminating the cost of delay.
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Ready once, audit many

Drive cost and business efficiencies by making your SaaS offerings secure and compliant with multiple requirements by default.
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Automated insights

Stay secure and compliant with automated security insights, artifact collection, and alerts – all through a single pane-of-glass.
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Multi-cloud DriftDefend

Automated DriftDefend™ technology finds and fixes gaps, prevents drift, and maintains a continuously secure and compliant posture in run-time.
Anitian- FedRAMP audit-ready in days

Audit-ready fast

Anitian gets your cloud-based application secure and audit-ready faster.
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Partner auditor network

Industry-leading security and compliance assessment organizations partner with Anitian to increase audit efficiencies and save time, money, and resources.
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Stay ahead

Stay secure and compliant after your initial certification, through Anitian’s 24×7 SecOps and continuous monitoring.

How commerical compliance works

SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is a pre-engineered, pre-configured, and pre-secured cloud infrastructure environment for AWS and Azure.
Deply cloud environment

Cloud environment deployed in 1 day

SecureCloud’s pre-built and automated infrastructure environment for AWS and Azure deploys 15+ best-of-breed, standardized, pre-configured, and cloud-native security tools around your application in 1 day.

Onboard and integrate your app

The DevOps Stack provides fast and easy onboarding of your application into the Anitian environment through lightweight automation scripts. Your developers will simply install agents inside your application as a first step in the CI/CD pipeline.

DevOps stack onboarding an application into the Anitian environment
Automated Insights and evidence collection into gaps, misconfigurations, threats, risk severity, and compliance state.

Automated insights and evidence collection

Anitian integrates with your environment to automate evidence collection while providing automated security and compliance insights including gaps, misconfigurations, threats, risk severity, and compliance state with single pane-of-glass visibility.

Continuous security and compliance

SecureCloud’s DriftDefend™ technology provides automated posture management to find and identify compliance drift, and maintain a continuously secure and compliant cloud environment in run-time.
SecureCloud DriftDefend™ technology providing Automated posture management insights and evidence  collection
24/7 Security Operations Continuous monitoring available

Optional 24×7 SecOps and continuous monitoring

Anitian’s 24×7 Security Operations is an optional service that seamlessly integrates with SecureCloud for Compliance Automation to provide round-the-clock security monitoring, threat hunting, endpoint detection and response, reporting, audit support, and much more.

Pre-engineered compliance Platform

Pre-built. Delivered as automated code. Up and running in hours.

Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation delivers the fastest path to security and compliance in the cloud.

Accelerate your SOC 2, PCI, or ISO 27001 journey with the fastest path to cloud security and compliance for cloud apps.