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DevSecOps-in-a-box Platform
The next evolution of cloud application security.
Shorten and simplify the DevOps path to application security.
Automate application delivery and security to shift left faster.
Get FedRAMP-level security and automated threat insights out-of-the-box.
Shorten and simplify the DevOps path to application security.
Automate application delivery and security to shift left faster.
Get FedRAMP-level security and automated threat insights out-of-the-box.
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Pre-engineered “DevSecOps-in-a-Box” Platform

SecureCloud is the next evolution of automated cloud application security to get your apps to the cloud and market faster, with the industry’s strongest security and controls.

Simplify and shorten the DevOps path to deploying and securing your cloud applications.

Drive developer efficiency by automating application security in the DevOps pipeline.

Build your applications and business, not complex cloud security tools.

SecureCloud’s pre-engineered DevSecOps platform gives DevOps teams more control by simplifying the deployment of application security and removing barriers that slow app development.

Time and resources for DIY DevSecOps projects

Shift left faster.

Accelerate application delivery and security by removing obstacles to digital transformation.

DevOps + Security Engagement before SecureCloud.

Security is often late in the lifecycle.

The challenge

  • Security engagement is later in the dev cycle.
  • Security becomes an impediment to development.
  • DevOps teams need a standard and secure environment for deployment.

DevSecOps Engagement with SecureCloud.

Shift left faster. Shift left secure.

The solution

  • DevOps teams are assured that their app is secure from build-time through run-time.
  • Code development and security configuration is done concurrently and automatically.
  • Shift left day 1, with all security and controls needed to protect the environment where the application lives.

Avoid and fix cloud misconfigurations in real-time.

SecureCloud’s automated IaC eliminates human error by providing a pre-configured cloud environment right out of the gate.

Cloud misconfigurations are a major challenge.


Of cloud security failures through 2025 will be the result of customer error, according to Gartner.

– Gartner 2021

Total number of records exposed through breaches caused by cloud misconfigurations in 2018 and 2019.

– Ponemon Institute’s 2019

Major breaches attributed to cloud misconfigurations in 2018 (81) and in 2019 (115).

– DivvyCloud 2019

Avoid & fix misconfigurations with SecureCloud.

Eliminate human error with automated IaC.

SecureCloud identifies and compares changes to an established baseline, reverting misconfigured cloud resources back to their last known correct state in real-time.
SecureCloud‘s IaC provides automatic ongoing visibility and notifications of security misconfigurations to prevent cloud infrastructure drift.
Pre-engineered and automated infrastructure-as-code builds images to CIS Level 1 baselines – to avoid costly misconfigurations right out of the gate.

Secure your apps from development through run-time by deploying a cloud-native, zero trust app environment day 1.

Pre-built DevSecOps platform wraps your app in a complete set of best-of-breed AWS and Azure cloud security tools in hours.

Pre-engineered zero trust environment

On day 1, wrap your apps in a full stack of cloud-native and best-of-breed security tools.
Web application firewall
Container security
Endpoint security
Identity repository
Compliance guardrails
Zero trust access rights
Web application scanning
Certificate authority
Configuration management
Perimeter security
Asset registration
Service registration
Key management
Multi-factor authentication
Vulnerability management
Load balancer
Log management
Outbound proxy with URL filtering

Get peace of mind with FedRAMP-proven cloud application security.

Standardized, policy-driven automation delivers the highest level of application security right out-of-the-box.

Built with automation

Policy-driven automation of security infrastructure improves compliance and quality of security enforcement.

Unrivaled security

Standardized and pre-configured to the 325 controls of the FedRAMP Moderate compliance standard.

Peace of mind

DevSecOps teams can be confident that their application is secure as soon as it’s deployed.

Get 360° visibility and real-time threat protection over your cloud app environment.

Keep your apps secure without becoming security experts.

SecureCloud Security Center

UX simplifying security analysis and threat detection.

Presents correlated and actionable threat insights, providing DevOps teams with 360° visibility to see and respond to threats quickly.
Actionable, single pane-of-glass reduces false positives and allows DevSecOps teams to focus on the most critical threats and vulnerabilities first.

Threat Insight Engine

Generation of actionable, up-to-date insights.

Correlates and aggregates data from multiple security tools, providing a single source of continuous, relevant, and timely insights.
Automates security intelligence to make it easy for DevOps teams to keep applications secure, without needing to be security experts.

SecureCloud eBook

Making your cloud applications secure and market-ready doesn’t have to be a costly headache. In fact, it can be fast, affordable, and worry-free. Learn how by downloading your copy of the SecureCloud eBook today.

Empower and enable your enterprise teams

Everyone in the organization benefits from the Anitian SecureCloud:

DevOps teams

DevOps teams can stop struggling with confusing security configurations or access rights and focus on features and functionality development.

IT Security teams

IT Security teams can forgo intricate configurations and lengthy policy documents and instead focus on risk management and security governance.

Executives & business leaders

Increase business agility, accelerate market entry, control costs and have the confidence their business is secure – by default and by design.
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Use the next evolution of cloud application security.

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