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Start secure. Start compliant. Stay ahead.

 Anitian SecureCloud

A pre-engineered cloud security service that gets applications to the cloud and market fast

When your company leverages the Anitian SecureCloud, you save time, money, and can dramatically accelerate your time-to-market by dropping your SaaS or business-critical applications into our pre-engineered cloud security environment. Your application is instantly aligned with the most stringent security requirements, eliminating the manual task of installing, configuring, and integrating a multitude of disparate security tools and compliance controls in the cloud. With SecureCloud, security is transformed from an impediment to a business enabler, helping you and your teams focus on accelerating your business and mission.

focus on what matters most to your business and mission

Migrate your applications into a pre-engineered cloud security environment

There are compelling reasons to migrate applications to the cloud and build new ones on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Fewer headaches

Avoid the effort, delays, and risks involved in purchasing, installing,

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housing, configuring and managing a secure cloud environment.

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Faster time-to-market

Enter new markets and achieve faster time to revenue by eliminating

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cloud security and compliance barriers.

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Business agility

Respond quickly to change, enhance applications faster, and adjust

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quickly to new regulations and compliance requirements.

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Lower costs

Reduce capital expenses and operating costs, because cloud

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service providers create and manage the computing infrastructure.

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Shorten the critical path to securing and releasing your cloud-based applications


Achieve worry-free cloud security and compliance right out of the gate

With its pre-engineered environment, SecureCloud provides a complete, integrated set of critical, best-of-breed security technologies right out of the box. The environment also leverages native security, management, and automation tools for well-known cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

Cloud + security. Done and done.

On day 1, wrap your applications in best-of-breed security technologies
Container/Endpoint Security
Intrusion Prevention
Remote Access
Zero Trust
Hardened OS
File Integrity Monitoring
Application Control
Log Inspection
Aligned with the most complex security and compliance requirements.
Integrated and tested on the cloud platform.
Leverages native security tools from the platform provider.

SecureCloud eBook

Making your cloud applications secure and market-ready doesn’t have to be a costly headache. In fact, it can be fast, affordable, and worry-free. Learn how by downloading your copy of the SecureCloud eBook today.


Build your business and applications, not a complex cloud security stack


With SecureCloud, you no longer need to worry about mastering the intricacies of security on cloud platforms. Anitian has already done the work of evaluating, deploying, configuring, and integrating a full stack of cloud-based security products. When you move into our pre-built cloud environment, your business and applications are protected from cyberattacks and malware that very same day.

Get back to business.

When security and compliance are built-in by default and by design, you can focus your teams on adding value to your applications and business.
Transform cloud migration and security from an impediment, that slows you down, to an enabler that speeds you and your business up.

Unite security and DevOps

The Anitian SecureCloud helps enforce consistency between versions of an application. Security controls and compliance configurations can be integrated into DevOps continuous compliance/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. After releases are put into production, our 24×7 SecOps services and continuous monitoring help you respond to threats and compliance issues.

Empower and enable your enterprise teams

Everyone in the organization benefits from the Anitian SecureCloud:

Security teams

Security teams can forgo intricate configurations and lengthy policy documents, and instead focus on risk management and security governance.

Development & DevOps teams

DevOps teams can stop struggling with confusing security configurations or access rights, and focus on features and functionality development.

Executives & business leaders

Leaders can increase business agility, accelerate market entry, control costs, and have the confidence their business is secure.

Use Anitian to drive your business forward

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