Remote Workforce, Web Portal, and DevSecOps: Three focus areas for cybersecurity

According to the 2020 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study for state governments, 54 percent of states are not confident in their ability to protect emerging technology. Traditional cybersecurity approaches can result in singularly focused solutions that don’t provide holistic protection. It can also inhibit an organizations’ ability to monitor and respond to security threats in real time. As […]

The Human Firewall is a Lie

It is delusional to think we can deprogram millennia of human evolution because information security is difficult. The human firewall is a lie.

Illusions of Information Security – The Struggle for Truth

In October 1995, I finally found my calling. What I found was SQL Injection, perhaps the most prevalent web site hack still alive and well twenty years later. However, what I discovered was that my calling is not about hacking websites, but rather hacking humans.