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The Human Firewall is a Lie

The Human Firewall is a Lie

In 1919, a man founded a company to sell dubious investments in international postal trading. The company made no profit or tangible product. Despite this, the man sold millions of shares in his company. With each investor, he would funnel the money into dividends to...

I Am Not Reading Your Security Policy

Nobody reading your information security policies?  Perhaps they are unreadable. There is a hard truth many information security professionals must to face: just because you have the title of Information Security Officer (or similar) does not mean people will read or...

The Gilfoyle Problem

I want to talk to you about a delicate issue we face in IT. No, not the legalization of recreational marijuana, I mean our Gilfoyle Problem. Our Gil…wait, what? Stay with me here, we are going on a Vision Quest. Gilfoyle is a character on the hilarious HBO TV show...