• Anitian is the only vendor to offer compliance documentation automation.
  • Creates an “enter once, populate everywhere” process for compliance documents.
  • All-new Vision Portal enables efficient project collaboration in documentation, communications, and project management.

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PORTLAND, OR & SAN FRANCISCO – RSA CONFERENCE – Anitian, a leading cloud security and compliance automation provider, today announced Documentation Automation, an enhancement to its Cloud Security Platform that automates documentation for the most stringent compliance standards. This enhancement further delivers on Anitian’s promise to deliver unrivaled time-to-compliance and the fastest possible time-to-market for high-growth SaaS companies.

For the first time, compliance documentation frameworks for FedRAMP, PCI, SOC2, ISO/GDPR, and more can be automated with a single click and collected in a single location. The “enter once, populate everywhere” process slashes the time companies spend creating mandated compliance documents by as much as 80 percent.

“The automation of security and compliance documentation represents a final frontier in automating a company’s journey to the cloud,” said Andrew Plato, Anitian Chairman, and CEO. “What used to take 12 to 18 months and teams of people to complete can now be done in days, even hours, with Anitian’s Vision Portal.”

Along with documentation automation, Anitian also announced the creation of the all-new Anitian Vision Portal for the Cloud Security Platform. The Vision Portal lets teams effectively manage their cloud security and compliance projects from a single view, enabling efficient collaboration and visibility into every step of the process.

“What used to take 12 to 18 months and teams of people to complete can now be done in days, even hours, with Anitian’s Vision Portal.”

Completing complex, yet mandated, compliance documentation remains a stubborn and significant impediment to modern cloud adoption and migration, and a costly barrier to market penetration and execution for today’s dynamic SaaS companies. “There is nothing on the market quite like Anitian’s Cloud Security Platform,” Plato said. “While other tools merely tell you what is broken or non-compliant, Anitian’s platform delivers a completely configured and compliant environment to speed you across the finish line.”

The Documentation Automation and Vision Portal enhancements are available now as part of the Anitian Cloud Security Platform and will be unveiled exclusively at RSA Conference 2020. Conference attendees are encouraged to stop by the Anitian booth (#3442) or Anitian’s VIPCloudLounge event located at Jamber Wine Pub for live demos, briefings and a firsthand look at the Cloud Security Platform.

To learn more about Anitian’s Cloud Security Platform with Documentation Automation and Vision Portal, visit Anitian.com.

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Anitian delivers the fastest path to security and compliance in the cloud. Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform and SecureCloud Service help high-growth SaaS companies get applications to market quickly, so they can unlock revenue in weeks, not months or years. Our automated cloud platform and service deliver a full suite of security controls – pre-engineered and pre-configured to rigorous security standards such as FedRAMP, CMMC, or PCI. Anitian’s pre-engineered environment and platform use the full power and scale of the cloud to accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue so you can start secure, start compliant, and stay ahead. Find out more at www.anitian.com.

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