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Fastest path to FedRAMP audit-readiness

Anitian’s SecureCloud for Compliance Automation can get you FedRAMP audit-ready up to 80% faster, at 50% of the cost. Its automated and pre-built cloud infrastructure environment wraps around your cloud application in just hours. Now you can enter new markets and unlock revenue in just weeks, not months or years.

Automate FedRAMP Compliance

Prove your security to your customers and accelerate your business

Anitian’s automated and pre-configured platform dramatically accelerates your time-to-market and time-to-compliance for FedRAMP.

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Anitian is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner
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Considering consulting services for your FedRAMP project?
Think again.

Get the Real Facts about taking the consulting services approach to FedRAMP vs. Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation.

Real-world Case Study


Helping SentinelOne get to FedRAMP audit-ready on AWS fast

I brought Anitian in because they had a pre-configured security stack, that saved my team time, so I didn’t have to worry about making the compliance stack work or get past our audit. We just had to wire it up into our existing application VPCs and that made it very easy to do.”

Chris Bates, CISO

Accelerate Your FedRAMP Journey

Pre-built. Delivered as automated code. Up and running in hours.

The Anitian SecureCloud for Compliance Automation is up and running in your cloud account day 1, wrapping a complete set of critical security technologies around your cloud app in hours.

Accelerate your FedRAMP journey with the fastest path to cloud security and compliance for cloud apps.