Indiana Jones has nothing on a CISO. The adventure to build a Security Operations Center (SOC) is not for the faint of heart. Especially when your entire infrastructure is in the cloud. Every day there is a new boulder to dodge, a new pit of snakes to escape from, and a new set of evil henchmen on your trail.

The traditional SOC, with teams of people staring at monitors, is no longer effective. The SOC of the future must be able to quickly adapt to the dynamic environment of the cloud.

In this presentation, we discuss how to build a future SOC that fits your business. We will reveal some of the most common mistakes made, and how you can reach blue skies on the other side. Moreover, we will look ahead to what the SOC of the future will be.



Topics Covered

  • The problem with today’s SOCs
  • Mistakes made, lessons learned on the way to building a SOC
  • Designing a future SOC with integrated automation


  • Andrew Plato. In addition to being CEO of Anitian, Andrew is a prolific, lifelong writer. He has honed his writing skills over 30 years and has created upwards of 30,000 documents. Andrew teaches the writing and communication techniques in this webinar to all of Anitian’s security advisors. You can learn more about Andrew here.