In this webinar, we share our strategies to dramatically improve the readability (and therefore the acceptance) of your security policies. We will specifically address the challenges of communicating in the workforce increasingly dominated with Millennials.

Let’s be honest, people do not read security policies. For all the great security technologies we have, there are no appliances that write security policies. Yet, so much of an information security program depends on communicating a policy to people.

If people do not read your policies, they cannot follow them. If they do not follow them, then you have a serious vulnerability. But how do we get people to read security policies? In the age of social media and 140 character tweets, it’s not easy.



Topics Covered

  • The challenges of communicating complexity in a social media world.
  • Ways your policies repel readers, rather than engage them.
  • Ten techniques that get people reading (and understanding) your policies.


About Andrew Plato

In addition to being CEO of Anitian, Andrew is a prolific, lifelong writer. Andrew has honed his writing skills over 30 years and upwards of 30,000 documents. Andrew teaches the writing and communication techniques in this webinar to all of Anitian’s security advisors.