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RSA 2018 – Chaos Engineering

RSA 2018 – Chaos Engineering

If there is one thing RSA does well, its chaos. However, this is partially because San Francisco is a giant, elegant, stinky, haphazardly-engineered, cacophony of chaos. From the pungent weed clouds to the automated compute clouds, San Francisco has mastered chaos....

RSA Conference 2017 – Weaponizing Chaos

When you step back and observe chaos, it can be quite beautiful.  It is why disaster movies exist.  Without destruction, there is no rebirth. Chaos is a source of ingenuity, renewal, and second chances. RSA amidst San Francisco is the embodiment of this chaos:...

RSA Conference 2016 – Crisis of Leadership  

The moment we have dreaded for nearly six months has finally arrived. Dell, our most pervasive technology provider, have begun an invasion of the RSA Conference, and this time, there may be no stopping them.  Like a dark force lurking in the shadows, crawling through...