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Risk Assessment

Rapid, Actionable Risk Data

Where are the holes in your security operation? Which carry the greatest risks to your organization? If you are not certain of these answers, you need to be. Our rapid risk assessments bring clarity to the confusing landscape of enterprise security.


Fast, Technical, Collaborative

Our innovative asset classification technique accelerates the risk assessment process. Enterprise-wide assessments take us just weeks.

Our rapid risk assessments include control strength assessments such as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and configuration analysis.

Anitian emphasizes face-to-face interviews with stakeholders for data collection. We avoid the use of surveys as they often produce unreliable data.

Clean and simple

Simple, plain English reports clarify risk reduction activities, while concise recommendations fuel rapid decision-making among leadership.

Risk Assessment Services

  • Rapid Risk Assessment
  • 3rd Party Risk Assessment
  • DevOps Risk Assessment
  • Application Risk Assessment
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • FFIEC Risk Assessment
  • PCI Risk Assessment
  • Security Controls Assessment
  • Breach Intelligence Assessment


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