Risk Assessment

Rapid, Actionable Risk Data

Where are the holes in your security operation? Which carry the greatest risks to your organization? If you are not certain of these answers, you need to be. Our rapid risk assessments bring clarity to the confusing landscape of enterprise security. 


Our innovative asset classification technique accelerates the risk assessment process. Enterprise-wide assessments take us just weeks.


Our rapid risk assessments include control strength assessments such as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and configuration analysis.


Anitian emphasizes face-to-face interviews with stakeholders for data collection. We avoid the use of surveys as they often produce unreliable data.


Simple, plain English reports clarify risk reduction activities, while concise recommendations fuel rapid decision-making among leadership.

Risk Assessment Services

Rapid Risk Assessment: Overview
A great security program is built upon a foundation of risk management. But what happens if your risk data is inaccurate or outdated? Modern information technology moves fast – so fast that traditional risk assessment practices cannot keep up.


Introducing RiskNow® Rapid Risk Assessment from Anitian. RiskNow® takes the best concepts from traditional risk assessment frameworks, like NIST, and accelerates them for today’s volatile cloud and hybrid environments. With RiskNow®, you can cut through the complexity and pinpoint the real threats you face, right now. Furthermore, RiskNow® puts risk management into language leaders can quickly understand and use.

RiskNow® is the future of risk management. You can start using it today to transform your information security program.

RiskNow® Rapid Risk Assessments, like all of Anitian’s services, are available as part of an Anitian Beyond subscription. Risk Now risk assessment techniques are also integrated into all our services including Penetration Testing, Application Security, and Sherlock Managed Detection and Response.

Whether it is a single app or an entire enterprise, Anitian’s RiskNow® Rapid Risk Assessment approach delivers the intelligence you need in a fraction of the time.


Your RiskNow® Rapid Risk Assessment includes:

  • Formal project management with Anitian’s exclusive Vision Client Engagement Portal
  • Establishment of scope and context for risk
  •  Interactive and collaborative discussions with technical custodians and business process owners
  • Integrated technical testing, such as penetration testing, configuration assessment, and code review
  • Production of a holistic framework that fuses empirical data and qualitative analysis
  • Development of a Business Risk Intelligence Report (BRIR) that communicates complex concepts in simple business language
  • Inclusion in the BRIR of an action plan that defines practical remediation steps in alignment with the technical, operational, and financial realities of your business
  •  Executive briefings and implementation assistance.

Third party vendors represent one of the most significant risks businesses face. Anitian’s RiskNow® Rapid Risk Assessment can provide independent validation of the cybersecurity of your vendors. We use a unique trust model, which focuses on how much trust you should extend to your vendors. 


Each year, financial institutions are required to complete a risk assessment to comply with FFIEC guidelines. Anitian’s FFIEC Rapid Risk Assessment ensures compliance with these requirements. Additionally, Anitian can ensure the Inherent Risk Profile and Cybersecurity Maturity reports are completed in a holistic, practical manner.


The RiskNow® PCI Risk Assessment not only assures compliance with PCI DSS Requirement 12.2, but also arms you with vital threat intelligence, so you can build a secure and compliant environment.

  • Security control assessment
  • Breach intelligence assessment
  • HIPAA risk assessment
  • DevOps risk assessment



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