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This e-commerce provider came to Anitian frustrated. They needed a CISO, but not full time. Their current consultant was slow to respond to requests and they lost an important contract because they missed a deadline.

Furthermore, they had a number of huge security initiatives coming up, such as ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliance.

Anitian crafted an on-demand vCISO package that would support this SaaS’s company thriving business.  However, most importantly, Anitian agreed to specific service level agreements to ensure this company got the support they needed when they needed it.

Anitian has been able to dramatically update this company’s security program. We implemented a new risk management framework, based on Anitian’s innovative RiskNow® approach. We built an ISO and SOC compliance program. We have dramatically optimized their vulnerability management program as well. This client is also expanding their Anitian Beyond subscription to include Sherlock Managed SIEM.

All this has allowed the company to bid on larger, more lucrative contracts. For Anitian, we are proud to see this amazing company grow and prosper. The chance to serve them has been an honor.


The Bottom Line

Anitian is helping a thriving, SaaS company grow and respond quickly to a changing threat landscape.