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A large software firm approached Anitian with a big problem. They needed security monitoring and management in their AWS cloud. Moreover, since they provided software primarily to the healthcare market, they required a solution that did not co-mingle data with any other organization.

This company had already spoken to a dozen other managed security providers. None of them could meet their needs.

Anitian demonstrated our Sherlock Cloud Security, and the team was impressed. Unlike traditional managed security platforms, Anitian Sherlock is built on-demand, in the AWS cloud. Moreover, it keeps all data within the client’s environment.

We scheduled a proof of concept, and within days it was clear Anitian Sherlock was able to handle this environment where no other firm could. Sherlock also detected a serious security issue less than one week after being installed.

Anitian has become a seamless member of this company’s security operations. Sherlock Cloud Security has allowed this company to shift valuable internal resources to developing software and growing their business. Anitian has continued to assist with automation and optimizations that keep this firm on the cutting edge.


The Bottom Line

Our client can focus on serving customers, while Sherlock Cloud Security protects the data.