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One of the largest healthcare organizations in the nation engaged Anitian to assist with a PCI compliance initiative. The company had been working on compliance for years but struggled to make progress. Leadership was under pressure to deliver compliance quickly.

Anitian assembled a team of world-class security engineers, analysts, and managers that would drive the organization through the complex process of segmenting their network and implementing required controls. Part of the challenge for this organization was the immense complexity of their network. They also had intersecting initiatives to augment security for HIPAA compliance.

In nine-months, Anitian’s team of consultants architected, implemented, tested, and delivered a fully compliant infrastructure that not only met all PCI requirements but also helped improve security for patient data. Furthermore, because Anitian looked beyond merely meeting compliance, the organization was able to leverage the effort to make systemic improvements to the entire IT infrastructure and applications. The end result was a significant improvement in not only security but also a dramatic improvement in service delivery.

Moreover, our approach inspired multiple groups in the organization to take security more seriously. This client was naturally becoming better at security, simply through the power of inspiration.

The vice-president for compliance at the healthcare provider’s bank contacted Anitian and praised our efficient approach to compliance. He was amazed that such a large environment could be made compliant in such a short time.

Anitian was able to deliver success because we brought together smart people and empowered them with a collaborative, results-oriented approach. Anitian then supported that team with diligent project management, integrated compliance assessment, and inspirational leadership.


The Bottom Line

Anitian helped change the culture at a large company to embrace good security and compliance.