When your job is to create and build a new product, intentionally breaking your creations seems wrong. Not to a hacker. They do not see your products as elegant designs that solve problems. Hackers see your product as a means to an end.

When we look back over the past 20 years of cybersecurity and data breaches, almost every incident has some type of exploitation of a vulnerability. Maybe it is a poorly designed API or a third-party component with outdated code. This is what cybercriminals, malware writers, and state-sponsored hackers obsess over. How to break what you build.

If you want to build safer, more resilient technologies, you have to look at them the way a hacker does. This means integrating security every dimension of product development.

In this presentation, the security experts at Anitian will discuss how you can start looking at your product designs and architecture the same way a hacker does. Furthermore, how to improve development practices to integrate security at every stage.



Topics Covered

  • Pwned – The Classic Kill Chain
  • I, Hacker – How a Hacker Sees Your Product
  • Hack Product Development