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RSA Conference 2016 – Prelude to Lunacy

Alas, poor Amit! I knew it, RSA 2016, a cybersecurity conference of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. Here begins the week posturing, posing, raving, screeching, blathering, drinking, and high-performance irrational exuberance.  RSA Conference 2016 is about to...

Analysis of the Norse Implosion

This was originally posted on the TrueBit Cyber Partners Blog. When a buzzy, high profile technology company, like Norse, collapses, us industry analysts are compelled to seek a deeper meaning.  What does this collapse signal? What lessons can we learn? Is...
Hacking Microsoft SQL Server Without a Password

Hacking Microsoft SQL Server Without a Password

During a recent penetration test, I was hacking away at some packet captures and noticed unencrypted Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) traffic. The syntax was unmistakable. At first, I thought this might be a way to capture some authentication credentials. However, MSSQL...